Are you worried about the situation?

I am going to propose my help and the necessary information as well as my experience as a breeder of the German Shepherd Dog on this controversial topic: "The ears of my puppy do not rise in augured time".

I receive countless inquiries every day from owners around the world, who are worried about the positioning of the ears of their puppies and young dogs. Most of the questions have their origin in the concern that generated their elevation, often unpredictable and unstable with their typical "ups and downs".

In most cases, the puppies are in the phase between 3 and 5 months of age, yet their owners are anguished to see the ears without the firmness and the desired position. Normally my answer is very obvious, you have to be patient and wait for the puppies to finish the change of their teething before initiating any action.

It is very obvious and normal that all puppies are different and like humans, they are also hereditary of their own genetic characteristics. In some cases it will be necessary to help them in lifting their ears.

I strongly recommend not to take any action before 5 months of age, especially with tests or application of non-recommended adhesives, which can seriously damage the skin. I know quite a few cases that the ears have been hurt for a long period and some of them are forever. Avoid experiments without well-contrasted knowledge and be very careful!

The ears of a puppy of German Shepherd and also of other races with lupoid ears usually get up between 4 and 6 months of age in general. It is necessary to take into account the genetic factor of each specimen, which influences the erection of the same. It is common to see how during that period it coincides with the change of teeth, the ears indistinctly go up and down. Puppies with a lot of substance in their bones are very likely to have more parsimonious ears in their positioning and especially in their elevation. I suggest not to lose your temper and analyze the situation with the estimates above.

Prevention is the best remedy ... measures to minimize the risks ...

Avoid sharp and violent influential games in the area of ​​the ears, body hygiene should be done naturally, normal and without fear. The caresses on the head and ears should be soft and restrained.

Be sure to monitor daily, so that your puppy has a good state of health. Ensure that internal and external deworming are punctually effective, follow the guidelines of your veterinarian.

The food of the best quality and appropriate for your age is of vital importance. For your young pet to enjoy an optimal immune system as well as a perfect skeletal / muscular development, supply it in your daily drink marine ormus with mineralized bottled or spring water (not tap water). The first year of life must be taken into great consideration, since it will lay the foundations for future strength and health.

I recommend to administer it in the necessary cases, multi-vitamins, chondro-protectors as well as other complements that help to protect its growth and development. Products that you can buy in specialized stores. The advice and recommendations of a breeder expert in the breed, will be of great help to choose the best supplements and others.

The contribution of a splendid bone of the patella of the ox (preferably boiled) will suppose an excellent exercise for your jaw, will help to consolidate the muscles of the same, as well as those behind your ears, which will stimulate the elevation of them. Outdoor exercises will promote good muscle development and skeleton, highly recommended for your ears.

Levantar orejas Bullterrier

After the wait ... decisive moments for the solution ...

When a breed puppy does not have its ears raised after 5 months of age, I recommend without further delay the placement of the "Aktivas or Neutros" tutors. Nowadays there are very experienced professional products with manifest results. I attached the link to the online store where you will find the necessary and you can also check your doubts:

In some cases, these treatments need to be prolonged for a few more weeks, since the genetics of each puppy differs from other specimens even from their own siblings, it is not an exact science... Persistence during the growth stage of your puppy is an opportunity only one that you should not miss!

If you are thinking about acquiring a puppy, make sure that your blood lines are of solvent guarantee, this will help you in minimizing the risks in the lifting of your ears. I hope that this article will be of great help in the prevention and in making the best decisions, for raising the ears of your future companio.

Miquel Navalón Morales

Breeder of German Shepherd (Affix: De La Floresta since 1980)

Member of the Real CEPPA since 1980 (nº 933)